Crown Maple salami stick from schaller & weber, retail carton-20 salami sticks

Crown Maple Salami Stick from Schaller & Weber, Retail Carton-20 Salami Sticks

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Crown Maple Salami Stick from Schaller & Weber masterfully blends the rich flavors of dry-cured salami with the signature touch and natural sweetness of Crown Maple sugar, enhanced by a hint of hickory smoke. Crafted from humanely raised, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed pork and free of artificial ingredients, this mouth-watering snack pairs top-quality salami with the smooth, luxurious taste of 100% pure maple and a smoky undertone. Crown Maple sugar is organic and rich in natural antioxidants and provides a healthy alternative to classic granulated sugar and highly processed sweeteners. Perfect for on-the-go enjoyment or infusing charcuterie boards with a sweet and smoky flair, this delightful offering brings the comforting flavors of a leisurely breakfast to your busy lifestyle.

Seeking to make their classic recipe more accessible, Schaller & Weber aimed to create a line of convenient, affordable grab-and-go products. By incorporating maple syrup into their time-honored salami recipes, they’ve crafted an innovative line of Crown Maple salami sticks.

Real Maple 

Hickory Smoked

No Artificial Ingredients

Humanely Raised Pork 

Pork Raised Without Antibiotics


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